Mauritania is a country between the Sahara and the Sahel, a mix of cultures and landscapes. In this section, you will find the people,culture and food that create this magnificent country. 

Women that feed the desert.

Mauritanian women  nourish their people thanks to Agroecology. In 2022, the scarce rainfalls and  dry weather caused the major droughts in this country since 2012.
Even if farming is hard, women are determinate to achieve their goals and feed their children and grandsons. 
In the Gorgol region, the wet season and the Senegal river allows the peasants to grow vegetables and fruits as mangos.
The global crisis that has increased the prices of the pesticides and fertilizers has pushed this women that turn into Agroecology. Nowadays, they make themselves the pesticides and fertilizers with naturals products as local plants. 

Millet is a food that millions of people in the Sahel eat every day.

Mauritanian peasants

Mauritanian traditional clothes

Boubous  and Melafas are the traditional clothes  for men and women in Mauritania. The fabrics are hand printed so each piece is unique. Take a look in the way they print and dry the fabrics.


Mauritania has more than 700 kilometers of  wild beaches. The waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash against the dunes of the Sahara desert. The brave fishers,mostly Senegalese, plough the Ocean to find some fish to sell or to eat it. The sailors, in their wood boats decide to sail even if a lot of them can not swim.